We often get asked the question, "Where can I buy "Tumbletick & Company" and "Seton Rax & Company"?" Well they are available freely on the internet and book shops can get it in. Or buy them direct from Elliot Symonds if you are ever lucky enough to meet him.

Great News! You can purchase "Tumbletick & Company" from www.authorhouse.co.uk, your favourite on-line retailer or traditional high street retailers.  It is available from Amazon, Play and a variety of other sites. Google Tumbletick and it will pop up. You might want to use another search engine like Bing. The same goes for the outstanding follow up novel "Seton Rax & Company." It's available universally. Buy it!

However, you can also buy the illegal first edition version from Elliot directly. You know, the one with the banned cover that was sold to Shutterstock.com by an Hungarian con-man and also contains the continuity error of Egremont 'magically' knowing the name of the boat that Percy Fenton has bought in Tetterton. He is easy enough to contact but will charge a fortune for this rare version.

Tumbletick.com and Elliot Symonds HEARTILY recommend http://www.mrsite.co.uk/ for all your web building needs. If you click the link above and purchase, PLEASE tell them you heard about Mr.Site through Tumbletick.com.