'The Tumbletick Appreciation Society' is a Facebook site that all fans are welcome to join.

The current Officers of 'The Tumbletick Appreciation Society' are;

Elliot Symonds 'Grand Inventive Master'
Angela Symonds 'The Unreading Guide'
Jim King 'First Disciple'
Faye Roby 'First Lady'
Graeme Shanks 'Maritime Advisor'
Paul Beevis 'Head Cartographer'
Zak Roby 'Lord High Executioner'
Graeme Campbell 'Weasel Impersonator'
Jason Hackett 'Mr. Battfin Impersonator'
Chris Noller 'Chief Cabinet Maker'
Caroline Butler 'Mrs. Is-Is'
Sue Lang is 'Head Bee Keeper'
Steve Bussey is 'Lord High Fire Protector'
Chris Sargisson is 'The Disruptive Gnome'
Lucy McCarraher is 'The Moral Maid'
Lucy Johnson is 'The Gauge of Taste and Reason'