Direct news about the third novel of the series. tomorrow is 1st August 2015 and Campbell & A'Lastor is now fully fully edited after a decent month of hard work, up in the loft, listening to old vinyl albums as it was perused for the third time. I think it is very very close to being published and is currently undergoing a final proof read.


Well boy oh boy have things changed since I updated this page a few years ago. So, originally was going to be "Campbell & A'Lastor" and is going to be again now. I will leave the comments below as an historical document.

Basically I am adding a climatic end which is a novel in it's own right and will be the conclusion of a trilogy that will then be the end of "The Chronicles of Umiat & Kenai". Working very hard on it at the moment, early 2012, after a couple of years of thoughts, ideas, musings, divorce, retraining and sobriety. The third book will now include all of the below plus the enigmatic additions of En'Thalassalassa, Tanque, Randall and Wrongside Will. Some old favourites will head off with them to the Ashdar Desert in Northern Umiat to finish the job that Campbell was sent to do. Some interesting results and some truly hardcore horrific scenes.


"Campbell & A'Lastor" was the original name of the third book in the series and deals with the aftermath of the climax to "Seton Rax & Company" but hopefully stands as a full novel in its own right as well.

It is complete now (10th April 2009) has been proofread and had some comments back from the wonderful Emily Cripps. A professional in the library world who has inspired me on many occasions.

I had a lot of time on my hands recently after being made redundant from May Gurney. Apart from having a damaged CV, this did give me a huge injection of energy and time to get my notes typed up and the novel crafted. The family and I had a holiday booked in France where I finished the editing process of the work before retyping and handing to Emily Cripps for proofreading.

Now I must debate whether I bite the bullet and get it published myself (what with being a jobseeker at the moment and the current economic situation this might not be the best idea) or we try again with the major publishers. I now have two books fully 'out there', a third written and a fourth on the way.

I will never give up in the struggle to achieve my dreams of being a REAL writer. And by REAL I do mean making enough money to live from writing. At the moment I have created three books that will last for ever and entertain a few. I want to live from writing so please do drop by the online shop and purchase a few items. is September 2011 now and I have still to publish what I think will be called "Campbell & A'Lastor". It will happen soon guys....soon.