An irregularly updated page with news about Elliot Symonds and "Tumbletick & Company", "Seton Rax & Company" and the new novel "Campbell & A'Lastor"


31st July 2015: So...Campbell & A'Lastor has had it's third edit and I now expect it to be out in time for Christmas 2015. Will I have a launch party? I doubt it. ALSO, you can buy my board game, Orctions, on the internet!

8th November 2013: So...haven't saved up any money, haven't done anything with the work. It is all just sitting there in a wonderfully wrapped pile of paper having been edited and proofread. Elliot is currently focussing a lot more of his time creating board games but will return as an author with the third part of the Trilogy. Check out and interact with Elliot on Twitter @quirkative .

26th OCTOBER 2012 So Campbell & A'Lastor is all finished. I just need to save up money to get it produced again. One day, one day, a literary agent of insight will help me get an old fashioned publishing deal. I don't want any of the ebook nonsense really.

20th SEPTEMBER 2012
Superb sketch of Is-Is by the excellent illustrator Tom Humberstone.

This was part of Tom's sketch commission drive rather than a full illustration commission but you can see why I think it is brilliant.

16th SEPTEMBER 2012 Well I finished the first phase writing element of "Campbell & A'Lastor" tonight. All typed up, 133,000 words. Feels good. But I know there is SO much work ahead of me in the editing and wordweaving department. Tonnes to correct. Areas to enhance. Elements to remove. Continuity errors to check for. I will hit the target of being in a completely perfect position by 20th October. I have a full two weeks off to dedicate to the editing process. I am proud of the work. Proud indeed. It brings the entire Chronicles to a very satisfactory conclusion.

22nd AUGUST 2012 14:17 GMT....Geeez I have been remiss in my writing. Odd bursts of passionate pourings and then nothing. SO, SO, SO close to finishing what would have been the fourth novel. I am going to merge it with the completed "Campbell & A'Lastor" in order to really finish "Campbell & A'Lastor" if you know what I mean. I had the opportunity to write tonight but the pull of the wonderful Kett's Tavern quiz in Norwich will distract me once more. Still, might get 90 minutes or so done before heading out. More of a blog really than news. That is the end of the news.


"Campbell & A'Lastor" has been finished and properly proof read this time. No silly printing mistakes for my third novel. Work begins on the fourth in the series "Adomai & Company" immediately so it will be late nights in the garage for me. has it's 1000th visitor! Whoever you were, we love you here at the website.

Elliot is currently working on his third novel, provisionally titled "Campbell & A'Lastor".

25th OCTOBER 2008 08:00 GMT....."Seton Rax & Company" is now available to buy from at 8.99

In a few days it will be available all over the net and from great bookshops with a progressive nature.

At 17:38 on the 30th July in the year of our Lord 2008, Elliot Symonds finished typing up "Seton Rax & Company" It came in at 75,001 word long including Chapter and Chorus Titles and the words 'THE END'. Elliot celebrated by instantly downing a bottle of Duchy Organic Ale made by the Prince of Wales and our future King, Charles! Huzzah. Elliot does recognise as the work is printing out above him that once again the labour is ahead. Editing, correcting and adding essential pieces of plot that he has missed is a long and hard process.

20:40 28/07/08 Elliot finsished writing the long hand version of "Seton Rax & Company" after a few fevered days of writing where the muse had very much landed on his shoulder and continued to whisper encouragement into his ear.

Elliot recognises that much of the real labour now begins. More typing up of about 25,000 words and then editing, word weaving and more editing but this is a significant moment and therefore NEWS WORTHY.